Catalogs : a little DrScheme application

The goal of this program is to catalog any disk, drive, CD-ROM's ..., storing directory/files structure in textfiles databases which can be searched for files and folders without inserting/connecting the media.

Developed as an exercice to see how it is possible to build a useful application under Microsoft Windows with DrScheme, it should work under Linux and MacOS ... (not really tested ... there must be problems I am not aware of !)

Before reading the following brief documentation, you should launch the presentation by means of the Java Applet below, (click on the " Start " button to begin !)

Notes on the user interface

Configuration file

Catalogs uses a configuration file named ".catalogs", which is located in the same folder than the program.

This file is a scheme a-list :

  ; the folder containing the catalogs

  ; can be changed from the file menu
  (catalogs-path "C:\\my catalogs/")	

  ; the font size used by the interface
  (ui-font-size 8)

  ; a flag to save a catalog "pretty-printed"
  ; easier to read, much slower to save or load !
  (pretty-print-catalogs #f)

Catalogs files


Current version is 0.7

Enjoy !

Contact :

This program is made with DrScheme, a nice environment to program with Scheme (smart language : try it, you should not be disappointed !)

The presentation is made with TourOperator, one of my others programs (written with Visual Basic, user interface in French ...)

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